2022: All About the Crowns

Hello friends !

The year 2022 will be seeing more activity surrounding the Crowns token ($CWS). Seascape will be looking to make the token more valuable by dishing out more exciting projects that will be heavily backed by the Crowns. If you’re still wondering what Crowns are, I’ll do well to explain. Crowns are the native token of the Seascape Network. The token was created to incentivize all key stakeholders while also providing value to all coins created on the Seascape Network.

This article will be showcasing some of the new projects in store for 2022 and how they relate with the Crowns.

First on the list are three new IDO gaming projects that Seascape will be releasing. These projects will have their own mini ecosystems complete with new tokens and NFTs that will have separate usages from the wider Seascape ecosystem, all of which will be supported by Crowns. These projects being backed by Crowns offer the tokens used in them a measure of security and will also ensure that the overall value of Crowns increases as there will be more hodlers of Crown.

In terms of the security guaranteed, the users can be safe in the knowledge that the tokens earned on any of the projects can be redeemed for Crowns. Also worthy of note is that this development will allow for burning of the CWS token which will in turn result to a lesser amount of the token being in circulation and more value for the hodlers. It would be best to get involved in as many Seascape projects as possible to earn more before the burning commences.

Next on the list of upcoming releases is Zombie Farm ! For those who are already getting used to the different ways of earning on Seascape, here is another means of earning big. These limited edition Scapes will join the already vast number of options that users will be able to explore in the coming weeks with new Play to Earn games all equipped with increased complexity and bountiful earning opportunities.

As expected, these games will be supported by Crowns so those intending to game heavily in the coming weeks should start participating in activities to earn enough $CWS. Another reason to amass as much $CWS as possible is that Seascape will be doing 3 new #P2E titles in the first quarter of 2022 which will call for more token burning as they seek to support the new game ecosystems. As earlier mentioned, $CWS hodlers stand to gain from the token burning as the value of their tokens increases.

Seascape will also be dropping amazing NFT sales this year. This is will be in continuation of the Riverboat NFT sale going on at the the moment, with these coming NFTs improving the gaming experience all over the network while serving a variety of purposes as financial objects. Get your hands on as much CWS and RIB as possible so you can also partake in getting these limited edition series as they drop.

Currently, Seascape is working to give the platform a new look with the aid of UI & UX experts. The intended version 2.0 of the platform will create a user-friendly environment for people to access Seascape’s games, DEX, guides and NFT marketplace; as well as ensuring better communication between the network and community. This year is truly the year of Seascape and DeFi gaming as a whole. The future is really looking bright, play and earn with Seascape !

You can get CWS on any of these platforms:

MOVR — SeaDex (https://seascape.finance/#/swap)

BSC — PancakeSwap (http://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xbcf39f0edda668c58371e519af37ca705f2bfcbd )

ETH — Sushiswap ( https://app.sushi.com/swap?outputCurrency=0xac0104cca91d167873b8601d2e71eb3d4d8c33e0 )



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