A Journey Through the Lighthouse

Every process to have a smooth journey throughout the Seascape ecosystem is outlined in this article with corresponding images, and it should be enough to get you launched on the Lighthouse.

If you encounter any difficulty in completing a step, please reach out to the Seascape support team using the support widget.

Seascape’s one-stop-shop for information is now available in addition to the FAQ. The Lighthouse is now accepting registrations, as previously stated.

As you read further in this article, the steps stated below will be extensively discussed.

- How to visit the Lighthouse

- Connecting your wallet

- Completing the KYC

- Claiming on your Tiers

- Signing up for the IDO

How to visit the Lighthouse

To make a start, head over to the Lighthouse. Please double-check that you’re using the proper link: https://seascape.house/

Connecting a Wallet

Connect your wallet once you’ve arrived at the Lighthouse by selecting the connect wallet icon in the upper right area or the button in the pop-up that displays if you’re on the Tiers page.

The Seascape Network’s first authorized wallet is Metamask. If you don’t already have Metamask, you can get it here: https://metamask.io/download

If you’ve never used Metamask before, make sure to read their FAQ to learn what not to do and how to use it correctly. You can read their FAQ here https://metamask.io/faqs.html.

Examine the Security area in particular, and after storing your seed phrase, never divulge it to anybody. There is no option to change your password, unlike regular networks, so be cautious with these credentials.

Go to the bottom of the page and click the Sign button.

Since all Tiers will be reviewed on ETH, BSC, and MOVR, the IDO financing will take on place on MOVR. Make sure you have the Moonriver network saved in your wallet. To do so, go to your Metamask and choose Network.

Select Custom RPC

Moonriver Network should be added as well.

How to add Moonriver Network

1. Network Name: Moonriver

2. RPC URL: https://rpc.moonriver.moonbeam.network

2. ChainID: 1285 (hex: 0x505)

3. Symbol (Optional): MOVR

4. Block Explorer (Optional): https://blockscout.moonriver.moonbeam.network/

Completing the KYC

The KYC procedure will only have to be completed once, rather than at each IDO. Check the FAQ to see if your country is on the roster of qualified nations.

To complete the KYC, go to your Profile page by lingering over your wallet address and selecting on your profile.

When you get there, hang around your mouse over the red icon and select the yellow hyperlink.

If you don’t do so now, you’ll be requested to do so when you try to enroll for an IDO for the first time, as the KYC procedure is required for IDO participation.

The KYC procedure is quite simple; however, you will need to provide proof of your identity and residency.

Acceptable Proof of Identification:

1. Identification Card

2. Passport

3. Permit to Reside

4. Driver’s Permit

5. Proof of Residence

Accepted Proof of Residence:

1. Account statements

2. Utility bills (the papers you submit should be no more than three months old)

3. Internet/cable TV/house phone line bills

4. Tax receipts

5. Council tax invoices

6. Government-issued residence certificates, and so forth.

Unacceptable Identification Proof:

1. Photos

2. Mobile phone invoices

3. Healthcare invoices

4. Purchase receipts

5. Insurance statements are not acceptable

Ultimately, you’ll be needed to take a selfie while simultaneously turning your head.

Now all you have to do is wait to get accepted. The procedure can be completed quickly, but it can also take up to two hours.

If you have any problems, first try these steps:

1. Make sure you’re from one of the qualifying countries,

2. That you’ve supplied an acceptable document.

3. You’re not using a VPN or anything else that might jeopardize the validity of the data you’re sending.

Furthermore, if you still don’t succeed despite your best efforts, please contact our Customer Support team.

Making a Claim on your Tiers


RIB: 0xbD90A6125a84E5C512129D622a75CDDE176aDE5E

Signing up for the IDO

After completing Tier 1 and fulfilling the KYC, go to the projects section to look for a project that interests you. If the registration session is still open, you can begin by selecting the registration icon on the home page.

In the project description area, slide down and select Register.

Select Register

It’s worth noting that your Tier will be reviewed after the registration session, so there’s still time to improve your Tier before the deadline.

You should get a verification message when you authorize the transaction.

Dates of the IDO

Step One: The registration phase lasts seven days, during which time you must have completed the KYC, chosen as high a Tier as you are satisfied with, and registered for the project you are intrigued in.

Step Two: After the conclusion of the registration phase, the Random Allotment will take place. Users from various Tiers will be chosen here. The selected individuals will have 5 days to prefund after being contacted.

If they don’t finish funding before the end of the five days, they’ll immediately lose their allotment to the Auction Pool.

Step Three: The Auction Pool occurs after the prefunding phase. Users who did not win the Random Allotments in the Auction Pool will have 24 hours to invest once during the Auction Pool.

Users will earn a percentage of the project tokens in the pool after the phase, based on how much they invested in comparison to how much everyone else in the pool invested.

Are you ready to take control of the DeFi future? The Lighthouse is right around the corner.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Relish the Seascape.

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