A Side By Side Comparison Of Seascape Games & Traditional Games

Blaise Hilary
3 min readMay 27, 2021


…..making gaming more profitable. Ever heard of that? Well that’s Seascape games in a nutshell. But one might ask, how exactly does Seascape make gaming more profitable? What really differentiates games on the Seascape network and traditional games (PES, FIFA, COD)

Well, this article is set to explain that.

The gaming experience is a beautiful one. That’s why most times gamers get glued to their screens for hours without batting an eye. Playing traditional games is fun and exciting but have you ever thought of the parasitic relationship between its developers and users? Yes! In-app purchases, the pay-to-earn model of gaming creates a one-way cash flow, haunts the gaming experience and makes gaming monotonous, menial and tasking.

At Seascape, we believe the gaming experience should be fun-filled, electric and most importantly incentivizing which is a contrast to that of traditional games which seek to take revenue off players instead of rewarding them.

The idea behind this gaming platform is crafting core concepts of Defi into easy-to-access, fun-filled games and game modules. Seascape leverages the power of Defi to make games more beneficial and profitable to players. This is the thesis behind its play-to-win gaming style. Seascape Devs can also build their own games and launch them on the Seascape network at a cheaper rate than on most traditional platforms.

The Seascape goal is thus:

  • Present Defi in an attainable, much more exciting format to users through gaming.
  • Integrating traditional game lovers who would love to get incentivized through gaming into Defi with a play-to-win model.

Well, one could say Seascape games merges traditional gaming with Defi.

Games Available On The Seascape Network:

  • Profit Circus: Available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, this game is designed around liquidity mining. This game allows users to add liquidity to the crowns pool by staking CWS-ETH pair on Uniswap. Users can also stake their LP tokens to acquire freshly-minted crowns with its Season 2 up and running.
  • NFT Brawl: Here, Seascape Users can use their Crown tokens to get random and rare NFTs whose rarity is in proportion to the number of crowns staked. Now, these NFTs can be collected, traded or used in the Defi game.
  • Staking Saloon: This game allows players to stake their NFT’s and earn a yield of crown tokens. This comes with a very high APY but note while claiming Cws rewards, NFT’s are burnt. Claimed crown tokens can be used to further economic power within the Seascape network.

Defi + NFT’s + Games. Sounds interesting right? We would love to have you with us.

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Remember: Your game, your rules. Enjoy the Seascape!