AnRKey X was founded by JD Salbego, a renowned blockchain entrepreneur and speaker, inspired by the work history of the entertainment and technology industries and recent innovations around DeFi income farming. AnRKey X is a gDEX that aims to combine DeFi, e-sports and Web 3.0 NFT in one, creating a new m$ports industry. AnRKey X’s $ANRX token is like an arcade coin. The more you buy, play, bet, sell and compete, the more ANRX dollars you will earn on the AnRKey X gaming system. The team has more than 30 years of experience working with companies focused on blockchain, crypto funds and exchanges, with the aim to combine DeFi liquidity reward farming and betting with community driven esports and Web 3.0 NFT. Game studio AnRKey X DeFi will continue to release m$ports-type games, including its first Battle Wave 2323 game.

The Ethereum-based protocol will host all games on its proprietary decentralized gaming platform exchange (gDEX). The first game to appear on the list is called Battle Wave 2323, which allows players to compete in virtual teams to see who can earn the highest APY through gamified liquidity mining and mortgages and NFT transactions.. The rise of DeFi in 2020 confirmed that cryptocurrency users like gamified platforms and use game theory to balance risk and reward in order to seek big returns. It can be seen from the growing popularity of the NFT collectibles trade that they also show a real appreciation for digital art.

Salbego, the founder of AnRKey X explained: “Since its inception in 2009, the blockchain industry has been catering to tech savvy players and users by its nature. DeFi has shown that through game theory and market understanding, these skills can be used effectively to earn revenue. AnRKey X is built with users in mind, from the perspective of entertainment and the profitability of the winner of each game.” This reveals that for the very first time, a project combines three solutions in one ecosystem to achieve amazing results. Although it seems difficult, the team has already demonstrated capabilities in these areas. Before developing AnRKey X, the team spent several months researching.

AnRKey X In-Game NFTs

Sacred Relics: A non-upgradable NFT that provides an additional boost to the existing LP betting APY when placing a bet on the Sacred Relic NFT. These relics can be purchased through the relic pack using $ANRX tokens. Only a certain number of sacred objects are available at any time.

Golden Chalices: 9 ultra-rare and high-value NFTs, randomly distributed to the winning Pool Army contestants. These NFTs can be upgraded by purchasing armaments, which can be further increased with $ANRX tokens.

Decentralized Game Platform Exchange (gDEX)

The gDEX protocol acts as an exchange for users to buy and sell different NFTs on the platform, using $ANRX as the currency. gDEX has three types of markets, the beta version is launched and the first two: (the technical documents of the third market of the other 2 NFT models and their working principles in gDEX) will be released soon. The basic value innovation comes from the NFT economy. The logical model automatically creates a vibrant market with “true derived base value” immediately after the minting.

This token model is optimized so that $ANRX is always supported by the forces of inflation, and the concept that the force of inflation exceeds twice the force of deflation is balanced on 6 components: package purchased for NFT, basic NFT rate, NFT performance depreciation rate, random update, weekly winning NFT, and limit on the number of NFTs held by each user. The freemium model of the game is the new standard. Game projects account for almost 100% of the company’s revenue. Blockchain games that also use the 100% freemium model are based on complex and highly restricted NFT technology and business model launch failure.

In conclusion, AnRKey X is led by a team of seasoned blockchain entrepreneurs, influencers, and consultants. The Singapore based company used a global team to build loyal communities in Asia (one of its main target markets) and the West. The company is expected to release more information about its upcoming games and partners soon. At present, there are many projects in the field of blockchain, and their vision is to use blockchain technology to provide solutions for the gaming industry. However, no one can seamlessly integrate DeFi NFT games. AnRKey X is a project that not only has technical strength but also the ability to provide lasting solutions to the seamless integration of DeFi NFT games. Definitely, playing games on blockchain with AnRKey X is more than fun.




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