Azuro’s November Milestones Unveiled!

Blaise Hilary
3 min readDec 8, 2023

November has been nothing short of extraordinary for Azuro, and I’m thrilled to share the numerous milestones that have shaped Azuro’s ecosystem, justifying its true commitment to revolutionizing the world of decentralized betting.

Here’s a recap of the remarkable events that defined Azuro in November:

1. Liquidity Tree Markets Surpasses 2000 Unique LPs

Innovation is at the core of Azuro, and the numbers speak for themselves. Azuro celebrated another milestone as its Liquidity Tree Markets surpassed over 2000 unique Liquidity Providers (LPs). With Azuro’s liquidity Tree design, every participant has a sense of ownership and control over their investment.

2. Surpassing All-Time High Volume Records

Azuro continues on a positive trend with a significant increase in volume. All-time high (ATH) volume for October was at an impressive $4,182,00 mark. However, the month of November experienced a remarkable increase as All-time high volume jumped to $5,021,000. This major progress wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our amazing community.

2. Testnet Launch for Onchain Live Betting Solution

In the spirit of revolutionizing on-chain betting, Azuro launched its test net for the first fully on-chain live betting solution. With Live Betting constituting 80% of the volume on traditional sportsbooks, Azuro aims to provide a decentralized alternative, ensuring control over liquidity, capital, and user experience.

3. Expansion of the Azuro Ecosystem

November witnessed the addition of two new frontends to the Azuro ecosystem, @DegenBookie and @BurgerBet. These integrations further strengthen Azuro’s position in the market, demonstrating the increasing interest and confidence of partners in its platform.

4. Multi-Chain Launch with @TeamBetIT on Telegram

Last month, Azuro further expanded its reach by integrating a multi-chain approach with the launch of @TeamBetIT on Telegram. This new interface, built on Azuro’s core contracts and utilizing liquidity pools, brings event lines directly to users’ phones. The innovative use of Telegram showcases the versatility of Azuro’s infrastructure.

5. Integration with BoxBet

In collaboration with Azuro, BoxBet went live, introducing a range of betting options, including over-under and parlay bets. This integration will expose Azuro users to transparent odds, improving users’ overall betting experience.

5. OxPolygon Liquidity Pool Sets a Record

Azuro’s success in November cannot be over-emphasised as the OxPolygon liquidity pool achieved a staggering 19.95% APR, setting a new record for liquidity pool performance. This impressive volume demonstrates Azuro’s commitment to eliminating liquidity challenges.

Azuro recognises the effort and contributions of its supportive community as it continues to break barriers and redefine the world of decentralized betting.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming months as Azuro continues to reshape the On-chain betting landscape. The future of betting looks more promising than ever. Your bet, Your rules.

About Azuro

Azuro utilizes smart contracts to build a decentralized betting protocol deploying an innovative solution for liquidity provision and allocation. Azuro democratizes the betting business by breaking down the role of the traditional bookmaker into several smaller ones. Openly available for anyone to benefit from liquidity provision, front-end management, data provision via oracles, and decentralized (DAO) governance.

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