You may have heard the word "Scapes" or not, but whatever the case, this article is for you!

Scapes, otherwise known as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are Seascape's original NFTs. Seascape platform is a DeFi gaming platform where players are allowed to stake NFTs for Crowns or stake Crowns for NFTs. There are some things you need to know about scapes but first, you need to know the 3 important aspects of scapes.
These are;


Scapes on the Seascape gaming platform have personalities and names. There are so many scape characters, but the first set introduced were; Trixie, Thump, Armstrong, Mercy and Quicksand. Thump and Armstrong are partners and they are both represented as gentle characters. However, Armstrong as the name implies is strong and Thump is a giant, loved by all. The female characters on this list are Mercy and Trixie. On the other hand, Quicksand is a scientist.


It is important to know that each scape character on the seascape platform has five different qualities which are; common, special, rare, epic and legendary. The value and power accorded to each quality are also different. This means that their worth on the gaming platform and various DEXes differs.


The generation of scapes increases as the platform advances and as more games and seasons are created. The generation starts from zero to higher generation levels.

Where to collect or trade scapes

Scapes are found on several exchanges, namely;




What to do with Scapes

Scapes are financial assets. They can be staked to get rewards and/or crowns. Scapes, seascapes original NFTs are relevant not just in the gaming industry but the blockchain industry as a whole.

Farming scapes

To get free common scapes (NFTs) the best thing to do is to play the first modularized DeFi game created by Seascape platform, Profit Circus. New players are rewarded with the common quality Scape.

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