Introducing Seascape -The future of the Decentralised Gaming platform

Blaise Hilary
5 min readMar 19, 2021
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The gaming industry is rated as one of the most exciting industries in the tech space because of the important role it plays in entertainment and recreation. As the traditional gaming Industry witnessed massive growth over the years, new problems surfaced in the process.

However, the solutions to these problems are miles away as per writing this report. The problems faced by the traditional gaming industry are lack of transparency and trust between game developers and players, lack of user incentives, High charges to play games, Lack of accountability and more.

Considering the numerous problems faced by the traditional gaming industry is a big boost to the adoption of decentralized games (blockchain-based games). According to Wikipedia, Decentralization is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central authority.

The use of blockchain technology is an advancement to the traditional gaming space. Moreover, the use of blockchain technology for games provide a high level of trust, confidence that can help implement the properties of decentralization.


Seascape is a decentralized gaming system designed around the DeFi and NFT economy. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is an advancement from a traditional and centralized financial system to peer-to-peer finance enabled by decentralized technologies built on Ethereum Blockchain. Seascape is adopting the possible use cases for a Decentralized finance system which include, decentralized market place, lending and borrowing, Staking and earning yield.

Seascape will adapt the Defi architecture to reward developers, gamers and influencers through staking, yield farming and the likes. By Bridging the gap and complexities of the traditional gaming industry, Seascape brings together developers, gamers and influencers in an incentivized manner and rewards them for their immense contribution.


  • Shifting the definition of a successful game away from revenue and toward in-game currency value, thereby refocusing game development efforts to benefit players.
  • Creating more realistic economic systems within games.
  • Incentivizing players by offering dividends and granting them a vote in development processes.


No doubt, an experienced team is a major factor for a successful project in the blockchain space. The seascape team is a perfect balance to boost the blockchain space by onboarding users to its gaming system hence enforcing global adoption of the blockchain technology.

The Seascape team consists of dedicated game developers and smart contract programmers working to provide a better-gamified atmosphere for all, allowing them to trade their assets in a vibrant marketplace that rewards all users, with both entertainment and economic benefits.


SEASCAPE is powered by the crown token, based on Substrate and a game across the chains. In a bid to incentivize users, developers, and influencers for their time spent, Seascape introduced the CROWNS token for this purpose.

The total supply of crowns is fixed at 10,000,000 tokens creating room for Zero inflation of crowns token. To ensure Zero Inflation, Seascape introduced the payWave drop which is taken from the spent amount of crowns tokens by users on games. The paydrop algorithm is designed to reward every player who owns crowns periodically.

Crowns is first introduced via BLOCKLORDS, as a way to reward all players who prove themselves worthy. This token will enable most players to experience the true power of DeFi gaming in a fun and user-friendly manner.


The availability of the scape game store allows users to own and trade cross-chain assets while playing their favorite games. This also enables the user to play an active role in governing the game store for matters regarding developer fees, minimum game requirements, esports tournaments, and much more.

The Scape Game Store is connected to the Polkadot Blockchain. The primary aim of the scape game store is to allow cross-chain trading of assets while users play their favourite games. Users can also validate transactions and earn the ground tokens if they download the client.

The Scape Game store directly allows users on the seascape network to be part of the network by granting users the liberty to make decisions and play an active role on the network.


The Scape SDK will enable standardization of the moving parts involved with releasing a game on the Scape Store which offers clear documentation and rules to make onboarding for users and developers as smooth as possible. The SDK will include native wallets that support all major cryptocurrencies, starter game chain kits, payment solutions, leaderboards etc. The Scape SDK will be developed in collaboration with established game industry partners.

The direction in which Seascape is moving is totally promising and shows continuous improvements with BLOCKLORDS 2.0, Crowns and Seascape DeFi System launched in the past months and more to come in the future such as the Polkadot/Kusama integration, new version of BLOCKLORDS, launching of the Scape Game store, release of Seascape SDK for mobile, console and PC platforms as well as the release of Seascape Multichain Hub.


The Game Chains is an outstanding key feature of the seascape network. Seascape network is running an open-source licensing. With this feature, any game released on a seascape network can create its blockchain and run independently.

Any chain deployed on the Seascape network can equally run independently by creating its economics or can as well use the Crowns token economics.

The running of independent chains will attract thousands of developers to the seascape network. People are more likely attracted to where they can have full control of their ideas and equally set their own rules.



The intersection of Blockchain and the gaming industry is an innovation to keep an eye on. We witnessed how decentralized finance is revolutionizing traditional finance. Currently, the DeFi sector is one of the trending sectors in the blockchain space with thousands of investors testifying its profitability and transparency.

Likewise, the DeFi sector, the decentralized gaming platform will revolutionize the traditional games thus attracting millions of users and investors across the world.

Some top blockchain firms have already spotted out seascape as the ultimate solution to the decentralized gaming system. Binance, Digital capital, Naibais Capital, Paka etc are the top Investors on Seascape network.

However, the Decentralized gaming system is still at its early stage with Many investors not realizing the untapped potentials of this ecosystem. Despite the Undervalued nature of decentralized Gaming, I feel awareness needs to be created for potential investors.