Lighthouse and project Moonscape: the new projects introduced by Seascape.

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3 min readOct 9, 2021

Have you been curious about Seascape’s most recent projects? Loosen up, because you’re about to discover Seascape’s latest projects.

With a fresh new initiative, Seascape is continuing to redefine DeFi gaming by delivering more authority in your control than it has ever been.

Get ready to actively support the latest games you enjoy while also earning a tidy profit. The Seascape Lighthouse is currently operational, as previously said.

The Lighthouse is an IDO launchpad that enables players to sponsor the latest games while they are still in development.

Your contribution will not only help these games reach a wider audience, influencing the development of DeFi gaming but you’ll also be monetarily compensated for it. You can’t afford to lose upon this opportunity.

Discover future developers and their projects, as well as new and innovative styles and ways to earn money while playing.

Every project has its token, which is supported by Crowns and may be used in a variety of DeFi methods.

As you go through the levels, you’ll be able to donate more cash to the initiatives you care about.

Did you miss out on a Tier? Participate in the project’s token auction pool to be completely involved.

Your contributions will yield Allotment NFTs, which can be exchanged for the project’s token, burnt for Crowns, or utilized to ensure future project support.

Stay connected for additional details on how you can become a potential architect by investing in a new generation of DeFi games that are accelerating the play-to-earn revolution.

Moonscape, the First Star of the Lighthouse

Subscribe to help fund the Lighthouse first project. Moonscape is a unique approach to resource management strategy games. Users navigate a futuristic moon, adding DeFi elements to their settlements and earning prizes for their time invested in the game.

This online strategic city-builder would allow the players to acquire resources utilizing DeFi principles, pillage other towns, and collaborate with friends in the goal of Moon dominance and endless riches.

For a complete list of its features, as well as information on how to be among the first to support its launch, take a look at Moonscape’s introductory page.

Moonscape will be Moonbeam’s very first game, and it’s sure to be a huge hit in blockchain history. Don’t ignore this opportunity to help fund a fun, well-rounded strategic game with high-quality tools that helps generate income as you play.

Additionally, upcoming projects for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain will be accessible. This is unlike any other cross-chain, user- and developer-focused launchpad on the internet.

Furthermore, the better you communicate with the Seascape environment, the greater resources you will be able to offer when the time finally comes. Start earning right now by visiting the game website.

The countdown has already begun.

Moonscape is the future of DeFi gaming. Take part in the project too.

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