Mogul production AMA recap with Crypto Profit Coach

Blaise Hilary
14 min readMay 24, 2021

On the 23rd of May, the Mogul Productions joined Crypto Profit Coach and engaged in an eventful AMA session.

The Mogul team led by the senior Advisor GORAV SETH joined the Crypto profit Coach telegram community to discuss and share insightful information and events on the recent community developments and plans on how Mogul will revolutionize the traditional film industry.

The AMA session was moderated by the Crypto Profit Coach Moderator.

To ensure clarity, this article is divided into two segments; the introduction segment/ Questions asked by the moderator and the community live questions segment.

Moderator: Hi all Community Members.

Really excited about the AMA with Mr GORAV SETH, the Mogul production Team.

Moderator: I Welcome Mr GORAV SETH, Mogul Productions Team –on behalf of our community I welcome you to enlighten us regarding $STARS, token meant for Film services.

Gorav Seth: Thanks. Glad to be here

Moderator: As usual, I’ll start things off with some introductory questions before then opening up to the community for Q & Ans. Top questions/participants will receive rewards.

Starting out, can you provide us with a high-level description of Mogul Productions keeping in view of $STARS token?

Gorav: Hey everyone. Its Gorav from the mogul team. Mogul is a defi film funding and NFT platform for the Hollywood film industry.

STARS tokens are the future of Hollywood fan engagement. They are used on the Mogul platform to purchase NFTs, rewards, experiences, and more. They are also used to vote on the next blockbuster films that you, as a STARS holder, want to see financed and hit the big screen.

It is an ERC20 token, but our team has seen gas prices recently and we’ve had long term plans to use Polygon as a layer 2 scaling solution to have gasless and feeless transactions for our users because that is what the masses from the film industry will expect when we have millions of users flocking to Mogul.

Moderator: Could you please share some of the biggest lessons learnt & after navigating the crypto ecosystem keeping in view of $STARS? what are your lessons from that?

Gorav: The crypto ecosystem is global and 24/7 and moves incredibly fast. People want execution and news immediately and if they don’t like what they see, they dismiss what you are doing. The Hollywood film space, on the other hand, doesn’t work as fast and the challenge we’ve had has been to get both sides to work better in sync. We deal with a lot of bureaucracy and politics in the top levels of Hollywood and we spend a great deal of time educating them about blockchain/crypto at the early stages because we want to do things right. I think one big lesson is keeping sure the crypto community has a constant level of communications to know that just because there aren’t announcements every hour doesn’t mean we aren’t working 24/7 behind the scenes. Like any real business, what you see is only 10% similar to an iceberg — 90% isn’t in plain sight, but it’s certainly there below the surface.

Moderator: Could you please describe yourself or the experience you have to take this project to paramount. So we can learn from that ..if anybody wants to start in crypto ..please..

Gorav: Sure…I’ve spent the last 12 years in the Canadian capital markets on Bay St (Canadian version of Wall Street) as an investment banker and venture capitalist helping raise money for public and private companies. I have raised over $4b+ over my career so far across a number of industries from blockchain-based biz’s to cannabis to media/tech and even real estate. Prior to that, I worked in the Hollywood film and television industry going back/forth between LA, NYC & Toronto for 10+ years working. I worked primarily in managing Hollywood actors and have also done some film financing for independent projects, dealing with both sides of the industry, so in-front and behind the camera.

As far as crypt goes, I have been following/trading in the crypto world since 2017 and have been close to this project since its early inception. I have some friends that are extremely entrenched in the crypto world, so it’s been great watching things evolve which is one of the reasons I got involved in Mogul.

I saw an opportunity here given my background and thought the industry could very much use blockchain and the power of the crowd to disrupt how things are done the industry is archaic and still operating the same way it has been for 75 years in many respects when it comes to how films are financed.

Moderator: Could you please give a brief intro of $STARS salient features? How it powers the Mogul Platform? How to get Access Pass?

Gorav: The Mogul token, $STARS, is a utility token that can be used as an in-app currency on the Mogul platform to vote/fund films, make in-app purchases (i.e. purchase NFTs) and earn rewards. Think of it like having the key to running your own studio where you can pick/choose what movies you want to make, finance them and get all the perks that come with being a ‘Hollywood Mogul’ so to speak.

Right now, we have a growth farming campaign going on, where you can earn a yield or distribution of $STARS. The return right now is extremely high vs. other projects, so definitely worth everyone here checking out.

$STARS is an NFT and DeFi token for movies and our team is really excited about its future use cases in Hollywood for fan engagement on movies. Nothing like it exists in the world. We are the first to be doing it and i think we are really pioneering something special for the film industry people will look back in years to follow and wonder how things weren’t done the way we are doing them.

Moderator: What is the functionality of the $STARS token? Why anybody wants to have $STARS ? Tell us all possible way to get $STARS token.

Gorav: So really important we educate the community and world on what we are doing. STARS tokens can currently be bought on our platform, Uniswap, Bitmart & 1inch. There are several other exchanges that have independently reached out to us saying they’re listing the token soon that’s made our team and I extremely proud that people are taking notice. There’s actually been a number of these exchanges recently that are reaching out to bring more utility to our token and recognizing the value that STARS will have for the future of movie making. I think people will be pleased and it will be great for the ecosystem as it becomes easier to buy the tokens with more and more places to purchase them internationally.

Moderator: Could you please enlighten us about $STARS Roadmap in view of DECENTRALIZED FILM FINANCING?

Gorav: Definitely. We have the first-ever vote coming soon where our community will be able to use their $STARS to vote on the film they want to see made most and actually get it financed.

It’s very exciting as it will be the world’s first decentralized movie to be financed. We’ve been receiving submissions for movies from the community, Hollywood and independent film producers, directors, etc and our film team has been reviewing those projects to be put on our showcase.

The selected films will be put into the Mogul showcase and that’s where $STARS holders will be able to cast their vote. We have some announcements on the details for upcoming dates.

Conversely, if anyone here has aspirations of getting a film made, here’s your chance. On the other side, if you want to get involved and finance a film yourself, become a $stars holder. Right now, we have an event coming up on Thursday, May 27th — the NFT Livestream: Proof of Origin with a famous Marvel & DC Comics Artist named Rob Prior.

During this event, we will be live streaming Rob Prior’s painting three community voted pieces of original art that will be turned into NFTs and the original works will be burned forever. These art pieces will only live in a digitized ERC1155 NFT, which will be auctioned off in the Mogul platform for $STARS holders to bid on.

Moderator: Now focusing on the team a little bit — what are some key differentiators $STARS Project team has that make it particularly well-equipped to accomplish your goals?

Gorav: We have a team that operates within the blockchain ecosystem and entertainment industry together with seasoned business executives that have run or built large established public companies.

Each of our team brings different skill sets that differentiate us from many other projects given their past success and track record. The people behind the scenes are not amateur people running this company but people that have built businesses ground up successfully and that’s something everyone should be looking for when exploring new blockchain projects.

I think having a team that consists of people with real-world experience and success in the corporate world helps elevate our project above many other earlier stage projects out there that don’t have anyone involved with a real track record.

I have helped reviewed hundreds if not thousands of companies over the course of my career and one of the first things I’ve looked after the concept is the team.

Who is doing the work? have they done this before? Have they been successful in their past endeavours? It’s important to bet on people that you can trust — not just people that are there for a quick buck or short-term time horizon.

My opinion is success often comes from past results, so if you are going to bet on anyone, bet on a team that’s succeeded before. For instance, one of our team members is a Hollywood producer, Cindy Cowan. Cindy is an award-winning Hollywood producer with numerous accolades under her belt She helps bring over 25+ years of industry relationships and knowledge to our team, which is something you can’t replicate.

Cindy has worked with all types of people in the industry such from directors like Peter Berg (Lone Survivor) to actresses such as Robert De Niro who is a living icon…Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Piven, Liam Hemsworth and Vince Vaughan, Et cetera.

Getting access to people in the film industry is very relationship-driven, so it’s important we have people that are seasoned and can help pave the way for us to educate them, build awareness and forge new partnerships. Another example would be Paul Sparkes who recently joined the team after a few months of his own research and diligence with the team.

Paul worked closely with the prime minister of Canada, which is not an easy role to come by. Paul was also a senior executive at Bell Media — the largest media company in Canada and he also founded Difference Capital — a company that raised $100s of millions of dollars before being bought by Mogo (which bought a piece of Coinsmart)

Moderator: What strategies is $STARS using to create a new ecosystem? Why are you developing it?

Gorav: Mogul was borne out of a need, which I’ve seen first-hand having worked in the entertainment industry and in the financial services sector. Hollywood is notorious for being opaque or a black box. People that involved in financing many of these projects get very little transparency and they are the ones providing the capital. It’s unheard of in any other industry but dominant in this one.

Another issue is that Hollywood doesn’t typically include fans or their audience in their decision-making process They make decisions on movies based on their own limited research or based on one- or two people's opinion those sample sets are very narrow and not reflective of the people that actually consume that content.

Mogul set out to change this and create a new paradigm; To include the fans and give them a voice. Wouldn’t it make sense to include the people watching your content to be included in what they want to see?

Mogul’s technology breaks the old paradigm in Hollywood and the film industry to create a new web 3.0 to make movies.

We have lots of work to do but i know it’s going to be incredibly impactful and a big game changer on how decisions are made, how films get financed and the fans get involved.

We are working with film industry insiders and starting with education to explain what blockchain technology is and how Mogul is leveraging that technology to make their biz processes and ways of doing things better. Once we have educated them, it’s about figuring out how to onboard them on to Mogul and utilize our platform for what they’re doing.

We have partners that working with us everyone on this, Team members doing daily outreach, working with execs, producers, financiers, etc. Basically, to strategy is to get access to certain decision-makers, celebs, etc… educate them, learn about how they do things and work closely on transitioning some of their biz onto our platform.

If you haven’t seen, we recently partnered with Rogers &Cowan/PMK. They are a big deal in the Hollywood space and they represent all the biggest movie stars, studios, etc. We have access to their entire Rolodex. They help get us access to their roster of clients and get mainstream press all those things are being done to move this project forward and make $STARS the defacto utility token of Hollywood!

Moderator: How you attract young people? Who are your potential Clients? Please enlighten us in this regard.

Gorav: The entertainment industry — specifically film — touches all people, especially the younger generation.

We think Mogul provides a perfect way to appeal to the younger generation of typical crypto community members because it allows them to get directly involved behind the scenes of how Hollywood films are made so they can vote/fund of a film they choose.

They can also earn unique experiences and rewards that cannot be found anywhere else. Our NFT platform also provides access to purchasing valuable entertainment-related NFTs, collectibles, etc.

On the film side, our clients are filmmakers, actors (big names such as celebs that sell movies and professional working actors), executives and other industry stakeholders (scriptwriters, directors, etc.) On the crypto side, we think our potential clients are anyone who values media or film and wants to get involved or get access.

Moderator: Switching gears to the competitive landscape — what sort of projects do you identify as $STARS biggest competitors?

Also, if you don’t think there are direct competitors, what sort of trends or obstacles do

you think need to be overcome in order for $STARS to capture more market share?

Gorav: Nobody is doing what Mogul is doing right now. We are really the first one out there focused on this side of the film space. We’re fighting for attention every day and getting lots of traction.

Fighting for attention specifically when it comes to products that have a working platform and working to decentralize film financing and bring DeFi and NFTs to movies. There is no one out there like Mogul — especially with the team and relationships that we have in finance and Hollywood. We think this project will be a market leader.

Moderator: Could you please tell us about your Partnerships? What impacts will it bring to

your community? Any focus on (DeFi, Dapps etc.) at the moment?

Gorav: We have partnered with some of the best companies in the blockchain. Companies such as Matic/Polygon, Chainlink, Biconomy, ChainGuardians, NFTY, and more to come.

Within the film space, we have major partnerships coming up with industry titans who recognize Mogul as being the new wave for movies. We’ve announced a couple of things so far, but there’s LOTS more to come. We are only getting started. The impact on the community will be massive because as the utility and ecosystem of this token grow, so will the value.

You want to have a project that’s actually running a real business and working with the right groups. That’s what we are doing. Using DeFi to disrupt an archaic industry that needs to adopt blockchain given all the use cases I’ve mentioned earlier.

Moderator: Host-How Secure is $STARS network keeping in view of recent hacking attacks? Could you please enlighten us if any Audit has been done?

Gorav: Every contract we publish goes through a thorough audit and these audits are published on our website. Security of our users is a top priority. If the community is familiar, we’ve had very reputable firms such as Zokyo and Hacken that have done previous audits on us.

Moderator: How Mogul Productions helping Creators get Greenlit and A Smarter Solution for Financiers?

Gorav: Mogul helps independent and Hollywood filmmakers with the ability to get funding for their projects from a global community of users. The crypto community is also very loyal, so they automatically gain a global audience since this audience is the one that’s helping select and fund a film, the same way a Hollywood studio would.

We are giving power back to the crowd and community so they can be involved from the film’s inception (i.e. financing to distribution. Most people will never have the opportunity to finance a film given the budgets of the films and the capital requirements. We are democratizing that while adding a layer of transparency/accountability that film financiers don’t have access to.

Hollywood has been known to be a black box with little transparency. We aim to turn that on its head, which we think has been a long time coming.

Moderator: Are you planning to list $STARS Token on new Exchanges? If any info in this regard you can provide us.

Gorav: Yeah, absolutely. We are having the token listed on many exchanges and are going through the process as we speak keep a lookout for announcements in the coming weeks for the first of many new exchanges that will be listing $STARS.

Moderator: Alright last question before I open up to question from the Community — what are some exciting milestones $STARS has in the coming months? Any big


Gorav: Yeah. There’ll be lots of announcements to look for. First DeFi film financing vote and funding, new exchanges on the list the token, partnerships with big companies in the industry, celeb interviews and partnerships, one that’s coming up next week is our Rob Prior Proof of Origin event.

It’s very cool since it’ll be the first time an artist is going to create and burn his own work while turning his art pieces into an NFT

Community Questions

Community Question 1: Some projects have policies for their ambassadors to create a contribution and attract recognition for the project! So, the Mogul’s team plans to implement policies and incentives for your ambassadors?

Gorav: We have an ambassador program for people all over the world. Ambassadors from over 20 countries all working to grow Mogul in their communities. The Mogul community and ecosystem is important for the success of the project — especially given the power of the crowd. It’s important we encourage people to apply

Community Question 2: What wallet does your project support or do you have your own wallet?

Gorav: Metamask but our development team is building a wallet that has free and gasless transactions on a layer 2. We have recognized many problems with gas fees being as high as they are. We want to make it easy for people in film to use so that’s why we are developing our own wallet.

Community Question 3: What are the long-term visions of your project? why you choose blockchain and what problems do you intend to solve?

Gorav: Our long-term vision is to be the de-facto token used in Hollywood and the global film/entertainment space. Blockchain is the best and more efficient way to add transparency, accountability and accessibility for an industry that has remained opaque and closed to the public for too long. Mogul aims to give power back to the crowd and people.

Community Question 4: Will your project supports any yield staking and farming in the near future?

Gorav: Yes, we have a staking program on our platform that lets you earn $STARS rewards. The yield we are providing is extremely attractive and definitely worth getting involved in.

Community question 5: How a common person can help in your project?

Gorav: Spread the word, sign up, become a community member, get $stars and start using them! The community should check out the people we are bringing on. Google them. Look them up on We are very selective on the caliber of partners and individuals we want on the team because we want to build this into a long term and valuable project for the community and entertainment space