Moonscape City NFT Sale on Moonbeam

Blaise Hilary
3 min readJan 22, 2022


Hello friends !

Welcome to Moonscape City! For the new readers, Moonscape is a resource strategy and management DeFi game set on a futuristic moon. In this game, players compete for scarce resources to develop their emerging cities, enhancing them with DeFi features while earning rewards for their time spent in the game.

For those already familiar with the game, you know how these cities work. Each city needs buildings for different functions; some for the City Defense, for Resource Extraction, for Mining Research, etc. They serve the purpose of both gameplay and DeFi functions.

Now, Moonscape is giving users a unique opportunity ! The Closed Beta version of Moonscape is coming soon and with the chance to get a Moonscape City NFT. This NFT will offer users a pre-built city with its own special configurations and established development levels. What a sweet deal!

All you have to do is join the Closed Beta testing to help with development and earn some amazing rewards. The sale of this exclusive Moonscape City NFT on Scape Store is coming up soon, you can buy and sell City NFTs to obtain the best option for you as you take to Moonscape to protect your City.

Some of the cities you should keep an eye out for include Power Giant with extra Power Plant structure, Balanced Builder with a better approach in terms of city layout, even Defense Maxi that focuses on the guarding the city against attacks.

Keeping to tradition, Moonscape City NFTs will range from Common to Legendary in terms of the quality levels, all of which depends on how upgraded the buildings are within the city. That is to say, the higher the upgrade levels of the buildings in total, the higher the quality level of the city. As such, it is important to note that each building has 10 levels and level of the buildings in your city offer DeFi and Gameplay Powers.

The buildings that have specific DeFi functions like NFT Staking or LP Staking will boost the bonus earnings of those features, while the level also serve as a cap to the building’s core feature.

These NFTs will be available in a series of limited editions. You might be considering just levelling up and obtaining Epic or Legendary cities by yourself, but the truth is that it will take a significant amount of time to do so. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to save all that time playing the game and cut right to earning already?

You could end up with a Legendary City NFT, giving you 5 buildings that are already upgraded up to the highest level, or even Rare and Epic cities. With this sale, you get an edge over the competition !

Here are details of the sales to come:

Legendary City Sale – This event will have only 5 NFTs up for sale in a round lasting 2 hours, with each NFT priced at 1,200,000 MSCP. Users can only get one NFT per wallet and minimum requirement for involvement in this sale is Tier 3.

Epic City Sale – There will also be only one round here lasting 2 hours with 10 City NFTs up for grabs. The price for each one is 600,000 MSCP with only one NFT per wallet and a minimum requirement of Tier 2.

Rare City Sale – 20 NFTs will be available for purchase, split into 10 NFTs for two rounds over 4 hours. The price will start at 200,000 MSCP, increasing to 300,000 MSCP by the end. You will only need a Tier 1 status to be involved in this and there is a restriction of one NFT per wallet.

Special City Sale – This sale will have 40 NFTs for sale over 4 Rounds @ 2 hours per round. Price starts at 60,000 MSCP and increases by 30,000 MSCP till it ends at 150,000 MSCP. Only one NFT per wallet and there is a minimum requirement of Tier 0.

Common City Sale – 80 NFTs to be sold in 8 Rounds over 16 hours. There is no tier requirement here with the restriction of one NFT per wallet and the price starting from 20,000 MSCP, to increase by steadily by 10,000 MSCP and ending at 90,000 MSCP.

The best time to get involved was yesterday, the next best time is today. Ride the waves with Seascape and earn BIG!