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4 min readApr 3, 2021


Seascape network

Profit Circus — A Seascape network DeFi minigame

The roadmap of Seascape had shown that some DeFi minigames will be launched during the first quarter of the year and the first of it being “Profit Circus”, Staking Saloon and NFT Brawl as others.

Profit Circus is more than any common game we know, it can be seen as a play and earn system where you stake tokens, play and get rewarded. With Profit Circus, users can stake their LP tokens to earn freshly minted Crowns, proportionate to the amount staked over a 2month period. Anybody (players) that are playing the game for the first time stand a chance to be rewarded with a free NFT, which can be staked for Crowns in other minigames on the Seascape Network. With great APY, high rollers can expect great rewards.

seascape network


Profit Circus above other traditional games

Games are an excellent source of entertainment but with so many seeking capital gains, gamers sometimes feel as though they’re being taken advantage of. People normally use games to relax and unwind as it has nothing else to offer them in the aspect of career building, learning or insightful which could count as flaws in the gaming industry. Fortunately, we have future technologies like Seascape that will shift the balance.

In some games, you have to spin a wheel and if you don’t gain what you desire on the first spin you may be asked to buy more spins for more chances in which the percentage that you’ll win what you desire at the end is very low. In the action aspect of games for instance Star Wars: Battlefront II, characters with strong and useful abilities are being stored away in a safe where gamers could either grind for hours or empty their wallets hoping to be favoured. At one point, you get lucky and hit the jackpot but the question is do you own what you were just rewarded? In the game, as the account is yours and you might even pay for it. But beyond that? It is quite worthless as it can’t be transferred across or into a wallet you call your own. You may decide to sell the account to another player but the selling of accounts is illegal and may result in a permanent ban. In the end, gamers own accounts, put lots of effort and money into these games, but in the real world, it is worthless and bound by regulations and restrictions. Improvement, new rules and new content come continually but still at the expense of gamers existing efforts and there is no compensation for this.

Solutions that come with Blockchain Gaming using Profit Circus as a reference point

People have become aware of the lack of control gamers are experiencing, therefore blockchain

technology with its capabilities is here to right the ship.

Profit Circus is a truly gamified reward system. Users that provide liquidity to the CWS/ETH pool on Uniswap can stake their liquidity tokens on the platform. They will receive and earn rewards through Profit Circus. It is nice and interactive, it also makes the process of liquidity mining a bit more approachable. The rewards for the initial liquidity mining are almost 50 thousand CWS, which plus or minus equals 1 million dollars. Profit Circus will likely have additional features shortly. Apart from the staking rewards, NFTs will also be handed to liquidity providers, which can be used in future products on the Seascape Platform. Profit Circus as a Play to Earn category provides dual incentives for users to play games for leisure as well as for monetary goals. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has recently invested in Seascape Network to take “DeFi Gaming to the Next Level” from their $100-million fund focused on supporting blockchain projects that connect centralized finance and decentralized finance on the Binance Smart Chain.

How to play Profit Circus

To start playing and earning on Profit Circus, the following simple steps can be followed;

1. Stake pCWS-BNB LP tokens to get Crowns rewards

2. Purchase pCWS from BakerySwap

3. Add pCWS-BNB Liquidity to the BakerySwap pool to stake them in Profit Circus and start earning.


It can be seen how Profit Circus will turn things around for gamers. Their efforts are being considered and they truly own their accounts and assets. Gamers can now confidently spend money on the game (Profit Circus) knowing that at the end of the day, they stand to gain a lot and many more. They’ll also be able to use their assets across different DeFi games, earning more as they do so.

Your Games, Your Rules!!!