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In recent times, blockchain technology is rated as a perfect solution to the knot and nut of the contemporary gaming industries. As the world keeps evolving from centralized age to decentralized age, there’s a high need for the adoption of the Blockchain-based gaming model.

The Launch of Seascape is a big boost to the gaming sector. Seascape is designed on blockchain technology like Ethereum, Binance Smart chain and more others coming through, soon. The primary objective of Seascape is to remove the barriers and limitations posed by the contemporary gaming sector. This objective is achievable if power is decentralized rather than centralized.

Hence the conception of the blockchain gaming model is very timely as the world is rapidly stirring to decentralized age. As a distributed database, a blockchain-based system will enable verification and security of all sorts of digital data, including in-game history, digital items, and tokenized assets. The main idea is to take away the power from the gaming companies which could be seen as the central authority and sharing it among all those who are involved i.e developers, players and influencers alike thereby allowing each person to have full control over their accounts and digital assets, and being free to trade these assets anytime.

The Importance of Decentralized Gaming system (Seascape)

Ownership of in-game assets: A blockchain-based game will allow players to have permanent ownership and full control over their in-game assets. Typically, each asset is represented by a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) The assets may include in-game cards, skins, equipment, and characters. All assets regardless of their type can be linked to blockchain tokens, which are maintained by a distributed network.

Decentralized marketplace: Gaming companies can manipulate the rate and economy of their games. They can also decide to lock or bind in-game items thereby making them untradable. But if the game is built on the blockchain network, it will enable the creation of decentralized marketplaces where all players can freely buy, sell, and trade their in-game assets on a peer-to-peer basis.

Payment streamlining: Blockchain and smart contracts help in reducing fees and speeding up financial transactions. They allow for all sorts of payments, not only for trades between players (peer-to-peer) but also between players and developers.

Gaming multi-universe: When in-game data and items are linked to blockchain tokens, it enables gamers to trade their assets across different games. Since gaming items are represented using digital tokens, it enables players to also trade these tokens on other gaming markets, hosted on the same blockchain.

Fair playing Ground: Blockchain enables the creation of open-source, distributed, and transparent gaming servers. This means that the gaming mechanics could be changed only if the majority of the network vote in it’s fair playing ground. It’s distributed nature also hinder hackers and cheaters from disrupting the game.

Unlimited gaming: When a game exists on a centralized server, the developers can abandon the project or shut the game down at any point in time. With blockchain, players keep playing a game even when the developers are no longer available. In as much as the blockchain network continues to run, the game remains alive which in some cases, new developers can take over to improve the project.


With Seascape built on the blockchain technology and around the DeFi system, it’ll create value on digital assets, in which the said value can be controlled only by the owners (developers, users, stakeholders etc) without middle-men. It makes the system reliable and also tracks ownership, spending and records, securing permanently and immutably such that they are publicly available and can all be traced. It gives room to the availability of tokens that fuel the network and are designed to be secure and instantly transferrable. It will also allow users to stake their assets and earn rewards. With this comes a significant improvement for gamers and developers alike.



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