A Recap Of Seascape AMA With Meter.io

Already existing users who know the fantastic experience that seascape had with Meter.io.

xiaohan zhu was the first part of the AMA session and introduced himself to the community with incredible portfolios and achievements.

During the AMA session, the CEO of meter.io, xiaohan zhu stated that meter.io was established in 2018 with co-founders and that the target on the project growth has been on the increasing side

He continued to discuss the purpose of meter.io and the future it is targeting to bring to the blockchain networks. Moreover, the project processing and the legitimacy of the network were also discussed fully.

Highlights of Certain Questions and Answers

Question: So, what’s the goal for METER before we move to Passport, which we are using? What vision are you people working to accomplish?

Response: crypto is a megatrend, I believe. Over physical borders like mountains and oceans, our present society is formed.

The Internet, however, has broken all geographical borders and society may reconstruct on the basis of interests and ideas. I believe that’s where crypto plays. Without trust, you could create a socio-economic framework.

Question: What is Meter’s vision and function in the crypto future that we are imagining?

Response: The evolution of blockchain is similar to that of the internet.

There were just local area networks at first, such as ethernet (the name even rhymes with Ethereum=Ethernet). Because the broadcast network’s capacity was limited, all devices fought for the same shared resource: getting their transaction completed.

The network was unscalable no matter how quickly it grew. Then there’s the Internet, which led to the development of routers that connect disparate networks and allow them to interact easily.

Users are not required to alter their current programs or behaviors. As a blockchain expands and requires a solution to link it to other chains, they may still connect and interact with one another, the same as how the internet required routers.

Meter aspires to be the future financial internet’s high-performance router. It comprises the Meter Passport-promised quick processing engine and connectivity layer.

Question: What would humans be able to accomplish if that future were to come true? Do you have any examples for us to look at?

Response: The software can communicate with other programs on the internet, just like it can interact with other programs locally. Smart contracts on various networks should be able to communicate with each other.

Consider how it could automatically transfer liquidity between blockchains and yield on the optimum yield. If you enjoy a nice MoonRiver app, you might be able to interact with it through your BSC wallet, using any ISP you want as your internet provider.

Question: Isn’t Moonriver the main emphasis right now? Do you have any suggestions for the next chain?

Response: Yes, our present objective is to provide the most dependable service to Moonriver while also assisting Moonriver in reaching a high TVL.

In conclusion, the community was quite engaged during the AMA session with Xiaohan Zhu, indicating the growth of the seascape network and meter.io in the crypto sector. This also marks the beginning of SEASCAPE and METER’s arrival in the Moonbeam environment.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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