Seascape: February Recap

Blaise Hilary
3 min readMar 5, 2022


Hello Scapers!

If you have been following the activities of Seascape over the past few weeks, then you probably know about the barrage of awesomeness that the Seascape Network unleashed on its users. The month of February was indeed a delightful one over at Seascape Network, especially considering that Seascape celebrated their one year anniversary in that same month with a lot of exciting releases and campaigns for the users. This article will be taking a step back in time to review all the activities that took place in the month of February.

Moonscape City NFT Sale

First on the list of activities during the month was the sale of the Moonscape City NFTs. Moonscape is a resource strategy and management DeFi game set on an utopian moon where players must compete for limited resources in order to develop their expanding cities. The Moonscape City NFTs are useful in this regard as they furnish the holder with pre-made cities that can get them ahead in the game. There are a total of just 155 of these in circulation right now and you would need one to take part in the coming Early Access of Moonscape. So hurry up and get one quickly!

Zombie Farm Release

Seascape released their highly anticipated game to the excitement of their fans and to kick-start the year’s events in grand style. Zombie Farm is Seascape's newest game, in which players must complete various DeFi tasks in order to progress through levels and escape the horde of the living dead. You can choose between three staking challenges, which include single token, LP token, NFT, and combination staking, and completing all of the challenges in a level will award the player with a special NFT. Seascape also dished out some extra goodies to accompany the release of the game, like a second round of fantastic Binance Mystery Boxes, the Wichita Trading Competition, and even the ongoing Gleam campaigns for users.

Events for the Month

One of the rewarding events that Seascape engaged in was the airdrop giveaway that the network coordinated with the people over at Play2Earn. The Seascape CEO, David Johansson, even made an appearance at the Multi-Chain Sessions with Moonbeam and delighted the fans to no end. Moonscape was not left out of the fun as it made its showcase debut at the 3-day, Web3 community innovation festival ETHDenver.

Finally, Seascape took some time to honor the Sea Lions, the ambassadors without whom Seascape would not be able to function. Sea Lions are Seascape's volunteer ambassadors who provide services in a variety of areas. They are an important part of Seascape's growth management, and the team took the time to let them know how much they are valued.


Seascape always keeps the users and the security of their transactions in mind, which is why all of their products are audited and certified to ensure the highest level of security. Members of the Seascape team are also subjected to regular security training. The team received extensive security training from the security firm Halborn to ensure that Seascape is up to date on the latest industry happenings and that everything is kept safe.

The year is still at an early start and Seascape is leading the charge on all fronts. We expect even more exciting things from Seascape as we move further into the year. Ride the waves with Seascape!