Seascape in the last two weeks!

Hello Scapers!

It’s another time for a Seascape update! It will come as no surprise to Seascape fans and avid followers that the Seascape Network has been doing what they do best: building the Seascape communities worldwide, dishing out hot servings of campaigns with the best prizes and rewards, even delivering the most exciting games to be found in the DeFi space. As I mentioned earlier, it will come as no surprise to Seascape fans as this is more or less what is to be expected when dealing with the Seascape Network. The team continues to strive towards broadening the horizons of DeFi gaming and user satisfaction.

For this article, we shall be taking a trip down memory lane as we look through the events of the past two weeks.


In recent news, Zombie Farm recently reached a Total Value Locked of over $7 million. The Zombie Farm Sign Up Campaign is still active, but it will expire on March 14, so hurry and join the campaign using Seascape’s code to earn a potential mystery box worth $50USD. You can even share your NFTs on Twitter to earn extra Mystery Box Rewards! Also, there are only 6 days left to participate in Seascape’s Moonscape City NFT Sale Giveaway. Members of the community will have the opportunity to win Moonscape City NFTs. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your city in space before others do.


Mateo, the Senior Ambassador at Moonbeam, and Matthew Rose, Seascape’s Brand Director, had a great session on Crowdcast last week, talking about Seascape’s exciting upcoming project, Moonscape, and the huge success of the Moonscape City NFT Sale earlier this year. The Seascape professional team has had a busy week as well. They have participated in numerous AMA sessions on various platforms and even in different languages!

The Seascape team also had a fantastic AMA session a few days ago on Meter Discord. They attempted to answer all traditional and Defi gamers’ questions, and even went on to introduce their Lighthouse IDO projects and shine a spotlight on exciting games in the Discord community. Gloria Gao, the East Asia Marketing Lead for Seascape, attended Moonbeam’s AMA with their Senior Ambassador Mr. Monkey, where she answered all of the Chinese Community’s questions.

Finally, on International Women’s Day, Seascape hosted their own AMA within their Telegram Community in collaboration with the marketing team!


The end of Sescape’s Trading Competition with Binance NFT was a sad day, but users found solace in the rewards they received. Make an effort to see what you got! Another game that came to an end, and on a high note, was Staking Saloon. Seascape was able to burn up to 6,872 Scapes!

Keep an eye on Scape Forum, as Season 3 is only in its second week. Better hurry up and combine those Scapes of yours if you want a piece of the Roman Empire. The Seascape game dev team has been gracious enough to provide a guide for those still navigating Moonscape. Moonscape Playthrough will teach you everything you need to know to play Moonscape!


Finally, Seascape is undergoing final auditing checks by Halborn Security on their upcoming game, Moonscape, in order to deliver a complete game to its users.

Seascape has been on an educative run, spreading the word and explaining what Seascape is about, even dropping some enlightenment about their upcoming game, Moonscape. It’s about to be a very exciting season!



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