Seascape monthly recap December 2021

As the year comes to an end, seascape has achieved some remarkable milestones in the past months and weeks. for this article, the recent milestones for the month 2021 will be highlighted in brief.

As seascape draws close to its first anniversary, let's take some moments back to its great achievements. The team gives a special shout-out to its fans who have made this possible.


$MSCP token was released mad it hicked to a Market Cap of $10 million in 36 hours. This was indeed among one of the greatest milestones reached by the seascape team this December. The token however is available on MOVR and BSC, also earning on multiple farms with Lighthouse inclusive. it's not late to join in as it can only get good.


Of course, the launch of seascape's first-ever series of its special one-of-a-kind NFTs, the Riverboat collection available on scape store has been one of its significant most exhilarating progress Seascape has undertaken in December 2021. More details on the recent article.

The seascape team has however attempted several modus operandi on ensuring that the complete 3D NFTs are owned by every seascape fan, not exempting the sale and multiple giveaways currently ongoing.

To be more precise, an elaborate sum of over 50 Riverboat NFTs has been dispatched already in giveaways, with the numerous sale rounds in which the sale is made almost immediately. Then we go over the earnings.


This is the exciting part as two farms on the lighthouse has been opened as earlier stated. Here, users can stake $MSCP to earn 50k $CWS and also $MCP-MOVR LP to earn 50M $MSCP in rewards.

This will however be in progress for a while so get into the action with all events. The play-to-earn (P2E) sphere is not left out as the project has got a brand new season of staking Saloon available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


Now over to the most exciting part and my favorite. Seascape team gives a shout-out to its new partners who have in one way or another assisted the team to improve the experience of fans.

However, the shout-out comes in batches. First to the kind long-standing partners at PancakeSwap (PCS) with the MSCP trading competition, then to the new and most recent partners.

Furthermore, the team is also working hand in hand with Pollinate where a dedicated page will be made in support of creators who wish to build/raise through the platform also those wishing to make use of it.

Additionally, the seascape team will be holding a big gleam giveaway of 25 Enterprise NFTs. This will be done as the team works hand in hand with prePO. Generally, seascape appreciates all its partners whose efforts have made seascape a pronounced DeFi gaming platform in the cryptosphere.

Seascape will keep making great advancements in the crypto space in the coming year. Enjoy the true power of DeFi.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.




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