Seascape Monthly Review: December

Hello friends and welcome to the year 2022 ! It has been quite the ride with Seascape and despite the ups and downs, every moment has been worth it. The best part of this adventure has been the community members and the fans. They have been the ones rooting for the project and supporting every update or release that Seascape has put out in the last months. It is not far-fetched to say that without these committed individuals, the project would not have made much progress over the last year. After all, what’s a project without its community ? Kudos to them !

The first anniversary of the Seascape Network is fast approaching and that will come with a proper review of all the activities of Seascape so far, but for now, let us take a quick review of the events from the month of December, 2021.

Record Achieved

One of the major events that rocked the month of Devember was the release of the $MSCP token. Upon its release, the token went on to mark a significant market cap of more than $10 million in a record time of 36 hours ! Seeing as how it has only been a month since it was launched, you’re still in a good position to grab some while it’s still hot. The token is available on MOVR and BSC, and it’s earning on multiple farms right now, even on the Lighthouse. Take advantage of this opportunity and earn big !


The month of December also witnessed another huge release, that of the Riverboats ! The Riverboat collection is the first in a series of limited edition NFTs that Seascape has planned for the future. You can find them on the Scape Store so head down there and check them out. The launch of the Riverboats also marked some of the biggest community events that Seascape has seen as there were a lot activities gong on, including a sale and a lot of giveaways. Seascape fans have enjoyed the best of this period as there has been as much as 50 Riverboat NFTs earned through the giveaways and the several rounds of sales that have taken place so far. Watch out for the next sale and you could get lucky too.


Seascape partnered with a a couple of platforms in December to ensure that they stayed on top of the game and provide the best for their users. Top of the list was their long-standing partners who helped with the MSCP trading competition, talking about none other than PancakeSwap. Another collaboration was with Polinate, a next generation crowdfunding platform designed to discover, launch and empower creatives globally in a permissionless way. Through this collaboration, Seascape will have its own special page on the Polinate platform where it can actively assist creators looking to build or raise an idea. Lastly, there is a partnership in the works with the good people at prePo to host a big gleam where they will be giving away as much as 25 Enterprise NFTs.

Stake and Earn

What’s better than one staking opportunity ? Two ! Seascape set up two new farms on the Lighthouse where users can use $MSCP to earn 50k $CWS. You can also stake $MSCP-MOVR LP to earn as much as 50M $MSCP. There is a new season of Staking Saloon out on Binance Smart Chain, for those who have been waiting. Best to get involved now while the heat is still on !

In conclusion

Seascape had a fantastic month in December to wrap up the year. We’ll be looking forward to more exciting updates, events and news as we kick things into gear for the new year. Stay tuned !



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