Seascape Network August 2021 preview

If you have been following updates and announcements on the seascape network channels, you must have observed that the month of august was a bountiful month.

The Seascape network has been on a steady heat. There have been lots of updates coming from campaigns, games, and partnerships. Stay tuned while I walk you through.

Explosive Campaigns!

Campaigns on various chains were very strong this month. Seascape network had four massive campaigns after the flash sale of its Binance surprise boxes, all of which were enormous successes!

The Binance sign-up event was awesome as individuals utilized our original code to gain access to one of the greatest chains available.

Seascape also held its Unboxing Blow Out, in which people who received mystery boxes videotaped themselves opening them up to see what they got. After that, the Trading Blow Out, when people bought, sold, and traded on the Binance NFT Market.

Not to mention the Collection Blow Out, in which users competed for Crowns by collecting all four kinds of Wichita: Rare, Special, Epic, and Legendary.

A $100k CWS airdrop event with CMC outside of Binance was held, which ended as a success. Witnessed also was the start of a massive Gleam campaign for Profit Circus, as well as a trading competition with Refinable.

Seascape is attempting to stoke the crypto community’s interest in Profit Circus, so jump in there and stake some LP tokens!

Exciting Games!

The completion of Staking Saloon Season 2 kicked things off for the month, with $150k in CWS in prizes being divided across all chains!

NFT Brawl Season 3 was also released, with a leaderboard award of 20K CWS. You can check our recent articles to gain information on this. Profit Circus’ third season was also released digitally, with an average APR of over 200 percent.

Exclusive Partnerships!

The partnerships were amazing as always. Seascape collaborated with some of the best in the industry all in a bit to improve the gaming experience of its fans.

1. Partnership with SushiSwap

There was a partnership with SushiSwap this month and some old ties were rekindled, such as with Gelato.

2. Launch on Moonriver

Seascape had a tremendously successful debut on Moonriver, which is an associate network to Moonbeam. With cutting-edge cross-chain technology that’s changing the industry, this is bringing DeFi gaming to the next level.

3. Launch of Riverboat $RIB token

Seascape’s Riverboat $RIB token was launched, and the first demand far exceeded the wildest imaginations! Grab a piece of the action while it’s still hot, hot, hot!

4. Launch of SeaDex

Also, SeaDex was launched, where users have the ability to convert MOVR to RIB and add to the RIB-MOVR liquidity pool, as well as participate in Profit Circus, Moonriver’s first game project!

Stay tuned for more games, more excitement, and more opportunities to win!

Be on the watch-out to see what wonderful things are in store for Seascape’s very talented users! Seascape is revealing DeFi’s real power!

Follow for more trends on seascape and other crypto-related projects.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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