Seascape Network Merch Contest Gets Underway!

Blaise Hilary
3 min readNov 27, 2021


Do you have a creative streak? Would you like to make graphical compositions out of your preferred brands? Would you love to see your creation on Seascape’s merch? This exciting news is for you.

Introducing Seascape’s Merch Contest. Seascape Network is opening a unique merch design contest, with the winners’ ideas being copied onto Seascape’s Network official merch for purchase all over the world. Seascape Network enthusiasts from all across the crypto-verse are invited to partake in this contest.

Details of the Contest

The contests started on November 24th, 2021, and will last for two weeks, ending on December 8th, 2021.

In addition to a free merch kit, the top three winners will get a cash award. The best designs will be included in the Seascape’s Network merch collection, which will be purchasable globally.

How to Take Part

1. Follow @SeascapeNetwork on Twitter.

2. Like and Retweet the announcement tweet and also tag three friends.

3. Create a cap or hoodie design.

4. Use the hashtag #SeascapeSwag in your Design tweet.

5. Post a link to your Design tweet in the Seascape TG group at

When a participant has a variety of concepts, he or she can send many Designs as long as they are divided into separate entries. You can also utilize the Free Merch Maker Tool which can be accessed here

Here’s a link to a Google Drive folder with visual assets and sticker designs for you to utilize in your creations:

Moonscape Kit Seascape Kit

Prizes for the Top Three Winners

The top three winners will be eligible to win one of the prizes listed below.

First place: $100, plus a merch package.

Second place: $50 plus a merch package

Third place: $25 plus a merch package

1 hoodie + 1 hat is included in the merch package.


1. Participants must be members of the Seascape Telegram group.

2. Participants must subscribe to the Seascape Twitter account.

3. Each person is limited to three designs.

4. The topic of the designs must be based on Seascape or Moonscape.

Note: If an entry is determined to violate the rules, in bad form, unrelated to the contest, or copied, Seascape Network retains the authority to withdraw it.

Your Games. Your Rules.

Relish the Seascape

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About Seascape Network

The Seascape Network is blockchain-based. The Seascape Network distinguishes itself as one of the platforms that advocate for the wider adoption of NFTs. The Seascape Network is interested in the well-being of the NFT and DeFi economy.

Seascape wants to be a multi-service provider for gamers and DeFi investors all around the world. The platform intends to cement its status as the greatest game platform enabling earn as you play by using the power of incentivized gaming to attract keen players and excellent developers.

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