Seascape Network’s Latest Events: A Flashback

Blaise Hilary
3 min readFeb 5, 2022


The Seascape world has been a whirlwind of activities these past few months. While we only get to see the finished products and the exciting events being placed before us, the real activity takes place on the drawing board by the Seascape team. They are the ones who envision the games, NFT sales, collaborations and other projects that we have come to take delight in over the past few months. They take the time and care to bring each of them to life so as to deliver the most value to the users worldwide. We shall be looking at some of the exciting events that Seascape has introduced lately.

Riverboat NFT Sale

One of the engaging events by Seascape lately was the Riverboat NFT Sale. The Riverboat NFT Sale was all about the Riverboat NFT collection, Moonriver's first NFT collection for the $RIB ecosystem. The collection included 1000 one-of-a-kind fishing boats, speedboats, and luxury yachts. Sales were conducted in small batches of only 5 at a time and in over 150 rounds, with prices increasing with each round. Seascape even introduced The Captain's Combos, a promotion technique to reward hodlers of Riverboat NFTs, halfway through the Sale. These hodlers were chosen based on the types, quantities, and amounts of boat types they were hodling at the time of the airdrop. All good things, unfortunately, must come to an end. The Riverboat NFT Sale ended a few days ago, but the experience was definitely unforgettable !

Moonscape City NFT Sale

This is another NFT sale that rocked the boats of Seascape users and fans. At the start of this sale, a total of 155 NFTs were available, with the sale divided into five separate sessions based on NFT groupings. The NFTs were classified as Legendary, Epic, Rare, Special, or Common. The NFTs were ranked based on their rarity level, as implied by the names of the groups, with Legendary being the most rare and Common being the least. Buildings in Legendary City NFTs had the highest upgrade level (level 10), Epic City buildings had level 8, Rare City buildings had level 5, Special City buildings had level 3, and Common City buildings had the lowest level (level 1). The sale began on the 28th of January and lasted until the 4th of February, when the Common City NFTs were sold out. Having just ended, you can expect that a lot of the participants and winners from the sale are still basking in the euphoria of the event.

The Seascap Anniversary Quizzes

As part of the celebration of their 1st anniversary, Seascape has been hosting a quiz session on Twitter that is proving to be rewarding for its participants. Everyday, they ask a question based on events that have happened in the Seascape Network and a lucky winner gets the chance to own a rare G-3 Scape ! The Anniversary Quizzes started on the 1st of February and will be ongoing until the 7th of February so rush down to the Seascape Twitter page via to get in on the action while it lasts. This is one hot event that you don’t want to miss !

From these events, it is very clear to anyone looking that Seascape is on a mission to bring real life utility and a rewarding experience to the users of their platform. The future of the Seascape Network is really bright !