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3 min readOct 2, 2021


Game creators from all around the Crypto sphere come together in the dead of night to discover a ray of hope, after discovery, there was an ignition which resulted in a radiant glow from the light house.

Recognition, technical support, cash, and other resources are now within their grasp. Players bond via their shared passion for the game. Seascape invites everyone to join in the brilliant light that heralds the future of DeFi gaming. The Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an IDO launchpad that focuses on DeFi gaming and game developer usability. However, you may discover fresh and exciting gaming projects that you can finance while also earning incentives and profit for your efforts.

New projects will be able to get the funds they require to launch a whole new game backed by Crowns, complete with its own token.

Seascape Ecosystem Allocation | How it works

The Seascape environment encourages users to engage with it in a variety of ways. Ways of creating interaction with the seascape ecosystem includes:

1. Holding various quantities of Crowns,

2. The Seascape Network’s universal token,

3. Owning various Scape NFTs,

4. and playing various games among other things.

The user will then become familiar with and benefit from the play-to-earn model of gaming through these interactions with the ecosystem.

Once these interactions are made, the users will then be allocated to tiers (0–3), the allocated tiers indicate the amount of they are allowed to put in the first round.

This phase is only accessible to tier 1–3, in which the selection process is randomized and selected members can contribute larger amounts to their preferred projects.

However, users are advised to check with the projects of interest frequently because these quantities will fluctuate each project.

More About the Ecosystem of Seascape Allocation

Participants who were not successful in the allocation round, are always given a second chance in the secondary auction pool where participants who did not give a random allotment can still participate if they do not make it to the allocation phase.

Every tier will have its own auction pool, therefore Tier 1 players will be restricted to bidding in the Tier 1 auction pool.

Additionally, tier 3 badges, on the other hand, allow players to compete in both Tier 2 and Tier 1 pools. Users are given an allocation sum that solely depends on their percentage contribution to the pool.

Allocation NFTs will be awarded to users who paid to the initial project funding pool or auction pool for the amount they donated, when the game is launched. These can be exchanged for Crowns sold on the open market, or used to support a new project’s first round of fundraising.

Sign up Tutorials

Claim your Tiers right now! Moonscape, a resource management strategy game, is our debut project, and it is now seeking financing from passionate players.

Survive the Moon’s harsh mistress, gather resources, construct your city, and pillage competitors. Use DeFi techniques throughout the course to feel the actual power of play-to-earn gaming. It’s the first in what’s expected to be a lengthy line of DeFi games from Lighthouse.

You must go through the KYC procedure in order to join, so get ready. The IDO will be inaccessible to users that lives in the United States, China, and other sanctioned nations.

The next 30 days will be dedicated solely to signups, so come online as soon as possible to begin participating with the Seascape environment. DeFi gaming’s future has arrived. Come join the ride.

It’s all up to you!

Relish the Seascape.

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