Solarbeam Can Help You Increase Your Earnings! As Seascape Strikes a New Partnership

Blaise Hilary
3 min readSep 25, 2021


Again, ladies and gentlemen. This is the moment. It’s time to reward you! And our fresh new friends at join Seascape this time.

Solarbeam is a DEX on Moonriver that uses Moonriver’s power to offer a safe and peaceful experience for people who are unfamiliar. And now they are working together with Seascape to help you gain more!

Why Solarbeam?

1. Peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions

This is a type of transaction that involves two or more people. Without using a third-party account or releasing custody of your tokens, you can trade directly from wallet to wallet.

2. Stake $MOVR and earn $SOLAR via yield farming

To earn additional $SOLAR, stake your tokens in our single asset pools or pair them in our liquidity pools.

3. Liquidity Pools can help you earn trading fees

To earn a portion of the protocol’s trading fees, provide liquidity.

You can take your journey to their farms to take enormous earnings. Users have 3 distinct means of earning — three different RIB pools, which each provide different things.

It includes all the original Seascape Riverboat tokens (RIB). The RIB tokens are Kusama’s first ERC-20 toke, which is used throughout the Seascape network in gaming and in the NFT economy.

Make sure you go over to their pools and add rain liquidity to the RIB pools. Then you can return to your own farms.

There is the RIB-SOLAR farm, a RIB-MOVR farm for the Moonriver’s token, and one for single token staking, to earn their native SOLAR token.

If you do not already have any by checking with our SeaDex guidance, you can find out more about how to get your hands on RIB.

But that is not everything! There will be Increased APRs in all farms by Seascape and Solarbeam by sweetening the pot so that the activity is done as fast as feasible.

The sooner you get involved, the greater chance you will have to gain! This collaboration also becomes more and more events and opportunities for the crypto-world to gain sufficient benefits for powering your rocket to the greatest extent of space!

What is Solarbeam

On the Moonriver Network, Solarbeam is a decentralized exchange that provides liquidity and allows peer-to-peer transactions. Solarbeam is now the network’s most popular DEX.

The purpose is to give the bitcoin community a comprehensive and convenient one-stop platform.

What is Moonriver

Moonriver is a companion network to Moonbeam that provides a canary network that is always rewarded.

The new code is initially sent to Moonriver, where it may be tested and confirmed in real-world scenarios. The identical code is sent to Moonbeam on Polkadot after it has been verified.

All there is to know about Seascape, Solarbeam, and other crypto news can always be found here. Follow to get updated about the cryptospace. The official social handles and website of Seascape are listed below.

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Enjoy the Seascape.

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