Hello friends, welcome to The Seascape!
The Seascape network wishes to educate users on blockchain and decentralized finance in a fun and exciting manner; Gaming. Basically, Seascape games are developed around Defi mechanics, built with a play-to-earn model that allows users, developers and stakeholders to play, earn and share experiences in an incentivized manner. On the Seascape network there are 3 available games:
Profit Circus
NFT Brawl
Staking Saloon

The NFT Brawl…
The first rule of the NFT brawl is that you definitely tell someone about the NFT Brawl! Available on both BSC and ETH, this game allows Seascapers to mint NFTs of every quality by spending their CWS/pCWS tokens. These NFTs are called Scapes. Scapes are user generated, so there is no max limit. Scapes minted in the NFT Brawl are accorded to users on a probability basis. Once minted, these scapes have independent value, not impacted by the initial expenditure in future games.

How to mint your scapes:
1. Connect your wallet and make sure it’s set to the corresponding chain.
2. Click on the plus sign in the middle of the secret door. Choose a number 1-10 for the amount of Crowns you would like to stake.( A range of 1-10 tokens can only be spent at a time)

3. Click on "Mint NFT" for a random NFT.

Every fifth mint is critical. For critical mints, the rates for getting higher quality NFTs increases dramatically in your favour. Minted NFTs can be collected, traded on platforms such as OpenSea, Treasureland or BakerySwap. You could also hold your minted NFTs in anticipation of our next game based entirely around NFTs: Staking Saloon.
The Seascape gaming platform uses a leaderboard system to reward users for their regular gameplay. The daily leaderboard calculates top spenders everyday. The cut-off time for calculations is 12am UTC. Users get rewarded for their daily CWS expenditure and also for their all-time NFT minting. Rewards can be collected cumulatively. Each time you collect daily rewards, all previous uncollected rewards will be withdrawn at once.

Are you buzzed? Because I have some good news for you!

The Season 2 of NFT Brawl is out and this is why you should get excited;

1. Users would earn 23,000 in rewards this season. Daily-500 CWS || 8000 CWS in seasonal rewards.
2. Season would last for 30 days. June 1st - June 31st
3. Scapes of qualities Special and higher can only be minted
4. Scapes this season are of Generation 1 ( those of season 1 were of Generation 0)
5. Leaderboard rewards (daily and seasonal) have been updated.
6. Three new Scapes: Phineas, Taters and Dime bag would be available in higher qualities.
7. Leaderboard rewards will be determined based on minting rather than spending.
8. Improved Drop Rate: Probability of getting higher quality of Scapes have increased.

To get started you would need some CWS tokens. You can easily get them on:

You can also get pCWS on:

Remember; 'Your game your rules'
Enjoy the Seascape!




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