The Riverboat NFT Sale Resumes

Blaise Hilary
3 min readDec 31, 2021


On Scape Store, the Riverboat NFT Sale is now available. However Seascape has learned a lot concerning insufficient NFT releases and the experiences involved have been such a great experience worth learning from. With assistance and inspiration from fans worldwide, the team will work hard to realize greatness.

Also, the team has gone the extra mile to ensure that bots are being restricted. The measures that are put in place include;

  1. setting up a captcha network

2. blacklisting any individual that using bot to get an unequal benefit

Furthermore, airdrop event will be set as rewards will be conducted for just contributors. Be the lucky one to get the exclusive, one-of-a-kind Riverboat NFT with the following steps.

How to engage in the airdrop

1. You will need to claim at least Tier 0 in the Lighthouse

2. You will also need to own a minimum of one Scape, and a little amount of $RIB to take part. Visit SeaDex to purchase some $RIB if you've not done so.

3. All users are expected to have MOVR in their wallet for gas fee transactions, as all Sales will be conducted on Moonriver chain.

The Riverboat NFT

The Riverboat NFT is a complete 3D boat with each of them having a distinctive style and design. They are available in five distinct builds: Fishing boat, Riverboat, Speedboat, Sailboat, Yacht. Users will be able to stake within the Seascape ecosystem, and holders will receive tokens like they previously used to receive.

Sale Events

At the time that Riverboat launches sales, Riverboat will discharge the boats in meager groups of 5 boats as it was done in the previous event. Remember that a total of 150 rounds will be available, and prices will vary with each round.

The small group of 5 boats will be discharged every six hours, and only one wallet can purchase 1 NFT per group each round. Starting from 0.01 RIB, the prices of each NFT will rise each round, and with time increase.

Rewards for Users

Every user that tried to buy in the first round but was not successful, will be automatically assigned to a group where wallets will be haphazardly chosen to receive a Riverboat NFT airdrop. This bonus is called the Riverboat Bonus Airdrop. Five Riverboats will be released every day for nine days until a total of 45 Riverboats has been released. Furthermore, a Riverboat Daily Bonus will be conducted where users that tried to make a purchase were unsuccessful will have a daily chance to get a free Riverboat NFT.

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