The Utility of Seascape’s Crowns

Blaise Hilary
3 min readFeb 11, 2022

Do you have the Crowns of the kingdom? Are you ready to rule the land? If so, then you are ready for the Seascape world! The Crowns in question are the native token of the Seascape Network. This token acts as the foundation for the other tokens which are available on the many projects and games that Seascape has dished out in the past months, as well as the basis for rewarding the participating stakeholders in the ecosystem.

These Crowns are currently available on several platforms including Binance Smart Chain, Moonriver, Ethereum and Moonbeam, and are used for a variety of activities as provided by Seascape like LP mining and NFT staking games.

How can you use Crowns?

The use case scenarios for Crowns are mouth-watering, the reason for this being that they are quite numerous and very rewarding. For instance, with your freshly acquired Crowns, you can race down to the Scape Store and some sweet Scapes. These Scapes are Seascape’s original series of NFTs and are quite valuable. This is because they possess the ability to earn at a higher rate than the average Seascape NFT.

To make this even more attractive, Seascape is on a mission to establish NFTs as real financial assets because they believe that they (the NFTs) have the potential to be much more than just collector's items. So these Scapes you can purchase with your Crowns are usable in other ways like staking on the many games that Seascape has ongoing at any point in time. A perfect example is the Staking Saloon.

Here, you can stake those Scapes of yours in 3 identical characters or qualities to earn Crowns. You get to use your Crowns to get NFTs which end up giving you more Crowns!

For anyone interested, you still have a shot at the Staking Saloon as this season of the rewarding game will be here for quite some time. You get to stake and earn some valuable Crowns up till the 10th of March, 2022. This will not be the only opportunity for you to put your Scapes and Crowns to good use as Seascape already has a new game lined up, the Zombie Farm. With this horror themed game, you will get to employ the use of your pCWS and Scapes on various staking challenges that will prove to be both satisfying and rewarding. So watch out for that!

As I mentioned earlier, the use case scenarios for Crowns are quite numerous. You can use Crowns to stake in Seascape Defi games to receive lucrative yields; also to mint and trade Scapes, to purchase Games and Services from the Scape Store, as a means to create Player Created Coins backed by Crowns on Lighthouse, and even to trade in Exchanges like SeaDex and earn rewards for your time spent on the network. Seascape’s Crowns are almost like a crypto superpower and they keep getting more powerful everyday!

Note: Once you've obtained Crowns, make sure to add their official address to your wallet so they're visible. On Binance Smart Chain, the official pCWS address is: 0xbcf39f0edda668c58371e519af37ca705f2bfcbd

As you can clearly see, Crowns provide the players on Seascape Network with the unique opportunity earn BIG from the time and effort invested in the games. The future has no limits so be a part of the journey as we rife the waves with Seascape.