Seascape-Lighthouse Tiers Explained

The Meaning of a Tier

A Tier is a level or grade in the framework of an institution or system. This article will go through the Lighthouse’s several tiers in detail. In addition, this article will guide you through all of the Lighthouse Tier requirements.

During the Random Allocation, users are classified into Tiers based on their involvement in the Seascape Network environment. Higher Tiers are allowed to fund a bigger sum during the Random Allocation.

Now, let’s look discretely at each Tier of the Lighthouse

The Various Tiers in Lighthouse

1. Tier -1:

After providing your email address, Tier -1 will be yours. This Tier grants you no privileges, but you will receive an email asking you to finish the signup process.

2. Tier 0

This Tier allows you to participate in the IDO project token airdrop as well as get alerts about upcoming IDO projects. To join, you must have provided your email address, have at least one Scape of any kind and have at least 0.01 RIB. Acquiring this Tier on MOVR will cost 1 CWS.

3. Tier 1

This is the lowest Tier that may get a Random Allotment. To qualify, you must have at least 1 NFT from the Scape Shop, 100 $CWS from any chain, 5 Scapes from any generation, and 0.1 RIB. Acquiring this Tier on MOVR will cost you 5 CWS.

4. Tier 2

This is the second-highest level of the Random Allotment. To be eligible, you must have at least 10 NFTs from the Scape Store, 10 CWS-MOVR LP tokens from SeaDex, 1 Epic Scape of any generation, and 3 Gen-0 Scapes of any quality. Acquiring this Tier on MOVR will cost you 10 CWS.

5. Tier 3

This is the highest Tier that may be obtained using the Random Allotment. To be eligible, you must have acquired or sold at least 25 NFTs from the Scape Store, at least one $RIB, at least one Legendary Scape of any generation, and at least 5 Gen-0 Scapes of any quality. Acquiring this Tier on MOVR will cost you 20 CWS.

Finally, let’s go over some key terms that you could have come across while you read the article.

1. Crowns (CWS)

Crowns (CWS) are the Seascape Network’s general currency. ETH, BSC, and MOVR are all accepted.

2. Scapes

Seascape’s first set of NFTs, which were used as currency in the company’s earliest games. It may be found at ETH, BSC, and MOVR are also accepted.

3. Generation

Is a Scapes element that gets better with each game phase. This has an impact on their income potential in Seascape games; the lower the generation, the more money they may make.

4. Quality

In Seascape games, a constant attribute of Scapes determines the earning capability of that Scape. Unlike Generation, the five qualities do not alter. There are five in all, ranging from the smallest to the largest: Common, Special, Rare, Epic, and Legendary

5. Scape Store

A Seascape-specific NFT Marketplace is accessible at

6. RIB

Riverboat (RIB) tokens are Moonriver’s initial ERC-20 tokens, and they will be used across the Seascape Ecosystem in both gaming and NFT sectors.

7. SeaDex

SeaDex is Seascape’s first DEX on the Moonriver System, and it can be found here:

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