TRUSTWORKS garnered positive attention as it gets listed on Uniswap

Trustworks is a development company that is focused on the area of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and financial technologies. This blockchain development company has been heading over heels in the private as well as the public sector. It is mostly into the new and booming sector of Non-Fungible tokens taking the crypto space by storm. So far, it has garnered support from companies like Motwani Jadeja, Ventures, Decrypted Solutions, amongst others.


TrustX is the social media platform of Trustworks. It is described as a next-generation that is and will be used to create, connect, as well as interact. First of its kind social app, built to address few fundamental challenges to the NfT landscape:

  • Mainstream Adoption
  • Intellectual Property (IP) and Copyrights
  • User Experience

Trustworks identified the NFT opportunity in the social space through data that showed that 70% of businesses are being disrupted by marketplaces and social networks, 69% of brands use TikTok for their products and services, 59% of users find products on Facebook, 60% of users find products on Instagram, 67% of B2B users are using Twitter, as of March 8th, 2021.

TrustX offers a seamless experience to users through a stack of technology made up of Artificial Intelligence, VR (Virtual Reality), NFT technology, and the blockchain.

Drawing a comparison between TrustX and other traditional social media platforms, this is how TrustX compares to others:

This table brings into light the vast difference in quality and the number of features offered by the two sides of the entertainment industry.

The TRUST Token

TRUST Tokens are utility tokens that can be used in the app for transactions to create, design, bid, buy, sell, auctions etc. Being a utility token means only holders of $Trust can take actions on the Trust ecosystem and can even farm NFTs using TRUST token. The farming process is pretty easy. Users just need to follow the steps below.

  • Connect to BSC Chain
  • Connect the wallet
  • Wait few secs to load the farm
  • Users can stake from 100 up to 1,500 $Trust to farm NFTs.

Getting Listed on Uniswap

Any Ethereum or DeFi user will be very conversant with the Uniswap exchange, as it is one of the leading exchanges that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. TRUST being listed on the exchange means a lot of good news for $TRUST holders, TrustX users, as well as investors in the project. Retroactive benefits such as attraction of whales to the project, price being properly driven up, garnering proper attention, etc., are some of the perks of being listed and there will be more.

This is a golden milestone in the roadmap of the project considering that the project has not even gotten to the midway in terms of roadmap progress yet has garnered this much positive attention to its platform. This is a sign of more better things to come.

For more information visit;


Twitter: Https://

Medium: Https://




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