Unveiling Assetmantle features as Pstake public sales sold out

PersistenceOne is definitely reaching for the edge of it's breakthrough in the Cosmos ecosystem; you can tell by the astounding strategies deployed on its various project suites. Among them are AssetMantle that is dishing out the first of its kind NFTs features effortlessly, and Pstake's recent public sales update that you won't like to miss. So what's in the update?

Unveiling Assetmantle jet features

PersistenceOne takes pride in its offsprings, and they are unveiling the jet features of AssetMantle, the NFTs arm of it's project. Very special among the jet features of AssetMantle is its 'Shopify of NFT'.

The Shopify of NFTs is used in AssetMantle to describe the market spot where content creators can launch their own mini-NFTs marketplaces in a secure ecosystem built on the Persistence SDK. The Shopify of NFTs in AssetMantle has redefined how NFTs are traded by making its NFTs marketplace decentralized.

The jet features of AssetMantle includes decentralized exchange for NFTs, fractionalized ownership of NFTs marketplaces built on the Persistence SDK, multi-chain NFTs transfer, transaction efficiency, customized NFT metadata, multi-wallet support due to the multi-chain interoperability feature, and a build-and-launch own feature.

With these features, NFTs buying, selling and creation just got really interesting. More on the features of AssetMantle includes a web-3 wallet, Inter-NFT standard that is operable between chains, low NFTs minting cost and zero gas fee.

For the content creators, there is also an opportunity to get your work featured on the first launch of the AssetMantle marketplace. Interested? Fill this form.

About AssetMantle

AssetMantle is a product suite of PersistenceOne. It takes on the NFTs. Following its launch, AssetMantle assumes irregular features of NFTs marketplace especially with its decentralized storefront called Shopify of NFT that allows artists to build thier own NFTs marketplaces in-app.

Pstake public sale sold out

Pstake, another suite of PersistenceOne sold out on its Public sale this December. The 7days public sale hosted on CoinList lasted between December 16th 2021 and December 22nd 2021; it sold out!

Details of the sales

Pstake token sold at $0.40 per token on a 25% unlock schedule till January 25th 2022.

Supply limit capitalized at 25million Pstake tokens

Minimum price at sales $100

Maximum price at sales $500

Funding method includes BTC, ALGO, SOL, ETH, USDC, USDT

With Pstake sold out on CoinList, that marks the end of the sales for the season.

About Pstake

Pstake is a solution built to unlock liquidity for staked assets. With Pstake you can Wrap assets at a 1:1 pegged ERC-20 Ptokens. Same way, you can also stake deposited assets to get Passets as rewards.

End note

You can tell how much growth you have attained by the record you have of your growth. As their tradition is, the Persistence ecosystem leaves updates of their gradual growth for the world to see.

The Persistence network has recorded over 21,872 wallet addresses with $XPRT in the past week. This is in addition to the Pstake public sale that sold out. To add to the list, incentivized CMDX liquidity pool is live, and running on the Osmosis Decentralized exchange. And do not forget that AssetMantle is currently admitting content creators for its first launch of Marketplace.




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